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Financier And Philanthropist Sean Fieler Appointed As Advisor To The Gold Standard Now

11/24/2012 Posted by admin

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Sean Fieler has been delegated as an adviser to TheGoldStandardNow a project of The Lehrman Institute. Lehrman claimed “Sean Fieler is a distinguished leader of the professional investment community in New York. He's well respected not only in the world of philanthropy, but he's that rare investor-intellectual still focused on right-minded public policy. He is a guru on the gold standard.”. TheGoldStandardNow pr newswire is a website that provides information about the classical gold standard. The site provides key writings, historic info, breaking news, featured articles from the world media and often updated original content.

Mr. Fieler is manager of the American Principles Project, a non profit group whose mission includes advancing public and policymaker appreciation of the gold standard. Mr. Fieler graduated from Williams College in 1995 with a qualification in Political Economy and was the 1994 recipient of the Branson Memorial Scholarship. He's the president of the Chiaroscuro Foundation and a board member of the Witherspoon Institute, the Institute for American Values, and the Dominican Foundation. “A return to gold money is a necessary precondition to long term solutions of our country's most unmanageable finance Problems and will set America on course to become a more free and just society.

I look forward to building a good working relationship with Lew, Jim and the other distinguished members of TheGoldStandardNow advisory board.” . Now serving as consultants of TheGoldStandardNow are writer and journalist James Grant ; Ralph J. Benko, writer of many articles on the gold standard, most recently at The Washington Examiner, our Internet web site our Internet website and the internet site Brian Domitrovic, author of Econoclasts : the Rebels Who Sparked the Supply-Side Revolution and Restored American Prosperity and our website columnist ; John D. Mueller, Director of Economics and Ethics programme at the Ethics and State Policy Center ; author Jeffrey Bell, policy director of the North American Beliefs Project ; and conservative leader Frank Cannon, president of the North American Principles Project. About The Lehrman Institute . The Lehrman Institute is devoted to government policy, academic and historic research. It was set up in 1972 by Lewis E. Lehrman.

The Lehrman Institute has funded a wide range of study and conversation in the fields of economics, historic research, foreign policy, and urban policy. TheGoldStandardNow is a stories and commentary aggregator concentrated on domestic and world financial policy issues.


Robert Kiyosaki on Precious Metal IRA’s

11/14/2012 Posted by admin

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Gold IRA Investments and Investing Tips
Robert Kiyosaki On Gold Investments

Kinda simple and informative video where Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, gives his financial thoughts and why he feels gold, other precious metals and commodities are a wise investment choice. ” If you only have even a few dollars, you may want to go to your local coin dealer and buy silver and gold coins as close to the price of gold or silver as possible. I would not invest in ‘collectible’ precious metal coins unless you really know a good collectible coin from a bad one. For as little as $20 you can buy a few precious metal coins and begin to take steps to prepare for one of the biggest crashes in world history

Gold IRA Investments experts always advise diversification and your own research into any investments you are considering. A large part of Kiyosaki’s teachings focus on what he calls “financial education” generating passive income by means of investment opportunities, such as gold backed IRA’s and precious metals investing.


Is $15,000 an ounce out the question?

11/14/2012 Posted by admin

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There is a ton of speculation going on over precious metals prices as of late, with varying opinions. Here is an in depth analysis of the prices of precious metals with lots of historical data to compare against…

The Next Crash Will Happen On Obama’s Watch!

11/13/2012 Posted by admin

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Gold IRA’s Are The Key!


Welcome video & get Free Kit

Hi, at this time we’d like to offer our condolences to President Obama.

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Gold IRA Investing team here, and no, we’re not confused about who won the election.

We offer our condolences because we are now nearly 100% certain the next economic crash will happen on Obama’s watch.

When the dollar walks off a cliff and the people’s savings are sucked dry with each passing day…

When the next wave of job layoffs comes crashing down on an already tired and weary public…

When the rise in gas, food and other energy prices can no longer be ignored, skyrocketing to record levels…

And when the bad gets terrifyingly worse, President Obama will most likely be in charge.

The day after the election, the DOW fell 312 points. Yet at the same time, the stock prices of gun-makers Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co. surged 8% and 6% higher.

That’s because, just like after the 2008 election, people are purchasing more guns and ammo.

That’s one way to prepare for the coming crash. Another way is by turning to the Gold IRA Investing team at Regal Assets.

(Over the next 4 years, millions will see their hopes of retirement threatened by economic collapse. The Gold IRA Investing team has a solution:  Click here for Free Kit.)

This isn’t entirely about President Obama. Had Governor Romney been elected, we’d be offering him condolences too.

But now that the election is settled, it’s important to analyze where we are and where things are going from here.

Will President Obama Do the Right Thing?

There’s only one way to make the coming crash easier, and that’s to pay down our debt. The less debt we have, the less interest we will have to pay once rates inevitably rise.

But President Obama has no plans to pay down the debt. At most, he hopes to shrink the rate of new debt by a little. It was the same with Governor Romney. But that’s not enough.

The US will hit the new debt ceiling of $16.394 trillion early next year. And while some have hope that the debt limit will not be raised, that’s unlikely. Congress and the President will find some way to move the debt ceiling higher – just like they always have – and we will continue to tack on trillions.

In Obama’s first 4 years, the debt moved from $9.1 trillion to more than $16.2 trillion. We’re almost certain to pass $20 trillion in his next 4 years – and maybe go much higher.

If interest rates surge like they did in the early 1980’s, the last time we faced high inflation, paying 10%-15% on TWENTY TRILLION in debt will consume our annual budget. Just like Bill Clinton warned about at the Democratic National Convention – which no one but us seemed to notice.

When that time comes, we’ll either default honestly, by restructuring our debt in a bankruptcy just like corporations and people do. This will lead to mass deflation.

OR… the Federal Reserve, with Obama’s blessing, will start printing money to pay the interest on the debt. This will lead to mass inflation.

Either way, through mass deflation or inflation, this will cause an economic collapse like we’ve never seen before.

How Obama Will Handle the Crash

Will he blame his predecessor? I bet many critics would say “Yes.” But we think, probably not.

He’ll blame capitalism. He’ll blame greedy corporations and banks. He’ll blame anything but government policy or government spending – just like President Bush did when he said “Wall Street got drunk.”

The danger this time, is, the government will be in desperate need of money. And anyone whose wealth is not destroyed by the crash could be a target.

In Obama’s own words, “ I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

That’s why just buying gold & silver is not a foolproof strategy today. The government has confiscated gold before and it could do it again. Precious metals investing is not the only way, but it is a great start!

Fortunately, we’re prepared.

The Gold IRA Investing team Has a Plan
to Survive and Thrive Under Any President

Let’s make it simple. The government tends to grow from one administration to the next, no matter which party is in charge.

So at Regal Assets, we’re not surprised that the man who oversaw more debt than any other President in history got re-elected. And we were certainly prepared for it.

Our strategy takes into account government growing larger and larger, because that is what our government has done since day one. It doesn’t affect our plan at all.

We have unique gold and silver strategy sessions that deal with the issue of gold confiscation… and also how to avoid the 28% tax most gold-owners are forced to pay if they ever sell. (We bet your gold dealer doesn’t tell you about that tax.)

And most importantly, our investment strategy sessions are designed to withstand inflation AND deflation.

To discover how to thrive and prosper during the coming crash, that we expect to hit during Obama’s next 4 years, join us at the Gold IRA Investing team for Regal Assets. You’ll get instant access to our investment strategy sessions when you go here now and : Free Kit
get involved!

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President Obama has a tough road ahead of him. He couldn’t erase the debt if he tried, but he’s not trying. The debt will grow and money will continue to be printed. But we’re prepared to survive and thrive regardless.

So far, many Regal partners have made a 310% return since 2008 – in an economy that was sinking.

To see how they do it, join us. Go here now and get prepared – we can’t wait to see your name in the members area.

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Your Partner In Prosperity,
Bill V.