Aeterna Water Reveals A “Pot Of Gold” At The NRA With Its RAINBOW IRYS Purified Multi-Beverage Dispenser, Winning The Jackpot With Its Lychee “Flavored Water On Tap”

01/31/2013 Posted by admin

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Aeterna Waterwave(TM) introduced an incredible creativity to the HORECA market at the Annual NRA event with “RAINBOW IRYS pr newswire “, the 1st market-ready, fully customisable, still and sparkling water dispensing system serving “Flavored Waters on Tap.” Aeterna won kudos from NRA professionals in the ultimate taste test of the glamorous and sophisticated “Lychee” flavoured water on tap, only one of eleven drinks available from this leading edge system. Flavoured and boosted water is the fastest growing beverage segment in the bizz and Aeterna gives HORECA an opportunity to pour its own profits “on tap” from this rewarding market. F&B Director Mrs Deanne Kelly states “Our good name rests on grandeur and convention combined with the most forward thinking hotelier principals in the bizz. That's why we chose Aeterna to provide both the classic and the avant-garde in drink selections for the discerning global audience which graces our establishment.” . Ecologically committed Aeterna Water resolves a twin shopper need by offering a fresher drink delivered on tap (still or sparkling) side by side with a “green” solution for abating the expansion of plastic bottled beverages. Aeterna has pre-empted the market by fulfilling HORECA’s wish list for top quality, good product, high margins and eco friendly systems. Bravo’s Top Cook Fabio Viviani has begun testing Aeterna’s versatility for his feted Firenze Osteria’s high end clientele.

“The bar and the kitchen are all crying out for access to the wide range of wonderful beverages offered from Aeterna’s Waterwave(TM). Uncompromising freshness and quality go together, and this is our trademark. Aeterna is at the right side in fulfilling this commitment,” declares Viviani. With its swish line of Italian designed dispensers OK for all volume needs (forty / 80 / 120 / 220 litres per hour), the Aeterna systems surpass the price tag and efficiency challenge of the competition . The entire system, including its respected Body Glove filter, manufactured by 3M, is fully reusable. the most innovative water, flavored water and beverage dispenser Aeterna’s green business culture proposes a better, top quality product and a service that contributes to reducing plastic in favour of glass, eliminating waste and run-off water, reducing unnecessary energy for cooling, stocking, and transport related to classic water systems, and performing all customer relations in a paperless environment. Using state-of-the-art technology, the Aeterna Waterwave Systems (TM) respect the environment, get rid of the negative impact of normal water in bottles and jugs, create zero waste water, have absolutely re-usable filtering, and acquire a competitive cost per liter over other forms of bottled drinks.

Delivered and carbonated seconds before use, pureness and freshness are at their perfect. Aeterna is a carbon emissions footprint conscious business that is paperless, using digitally based media for all its transactions. A little of its sales goes right to charities like the Surfrider Foundation that support environmental causes. For full information contact : . A.T. & F. LLC . Dba Aeterna Water . 5151 Collins Ave, Suite CU-224 . Miami Beach, FL 33140 . T:1.866.866 water . aeternawater . Aeterna Water and all Aeterna Water product names and brands are trademarks or registered trademarks of Aeterna Water or its subsidiaries in the U. Names of products from other sellers discussed in this document might be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Excepting the historical info contained herein, matters discussed in this news release may comprise forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected.


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