Carmel Valley EDiscovery Retreat Announces Gold Sponsor Gallivan Gallivan & O’Melia

12/28/2012 Posted by admin

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The Carmel Valley eDiscovery Retreat asserted this week that Gallivan, Gallivan & O’Melia, creators of the Digital WarRoom platform for accessible, affordable e-discovery, have joined forces with the Carmel Valley eDiscovery Retreat, a 3-day series of panel discussions by legal and e-discovery industry thought leaders. The eDiscovery retreat will be held July 17-20, 2011 in Carmel California. “Constant change is a hallmark in the evolving e-discovery industry” announced Bill Gallivan, founder and CEO of Gallivan Gallivan & O’Melia. “Chris LaCour’s efforts are bringing the key minds together for a rare opportunity to focus upon process and project management, and technology challenges that are top of mind for all those who are involved in legal proceedings, administration investigations or other legal challenges requiring e-discovery.” . Players in the Carmel Valley eDiscovery Retreat include all members of the eDiscovery industry : judges, within counsel outside counsel IT professionals, paralegals, litigation support staff, and records management and compliance pros.

About the Digital WarRoom E-Discovery Platform . The Digital WarRoom technology platform from Gallivan Gallivan & O’Melia is a robust e-discovery architecture engineered to support fast and efficient ESI processing, content research, review, marking and production of e-mail and documents responding to legal proceedings, investigations, M&A Transactions, and other legal challenges. The Digital WarRoom products are offered in 3 configurations :

  • Digital WarRoom Pro, the first P.C based product for e-discovery, allowing an individually approved user to conduct complete e-discovery on up to a million documents ;
  • Digital WarRoom Server free news release, a pre-configured appliance that allows corporate IT, in-house legal, or legal company e-discovery practitioners to control e-discovery case data and review ;
  • Digital WarRoom Remote full service e-discovery hosted by GGO, excellent for complicated matters and big, geographically distributed review teams.

About GGO . Since its inception in 2002, GGO (Gallivan Gallivan & O’Melia LLC) has successfully completed over 2,000 complicated e-discovery matters, including over two hundred and fifty matters since 2009 for which the company processed and hosted 1,300 terabytes of electronic documents.

GGO offers the Digital WarRoom(R) software and consulting services spanning the entire e-discovery lifecycle from capture through processing, review, and production. Customized services include M&A target information preservation and internal info mining and investigations. Headquartered in Seattle, GGO offices are found in N. Leading global companies, Fortune one thousand companies, Am Law 100 law companies, and official agencies, including the Library of Congress, rely on GGO for powerful technology and personalized service.

To learn more about GGO, visit digitalwarroom . The Carmel Valley eDiscovery Retreat will be a premier resource for industry practitioners who would like to focus on the complexities and practicalities of eDiscovery. Whether you are new to eDiscovery, or need to increase your existing expertise, the retreat will permit you to explore this critical subject with established sector figures and your equals – all in one of the most brilliantly beautiful areas of the United States, Carmel, California. Earn CLE credit hours while you run away from the hustle of the daily grind in one of California’s most spotless destinations. . CONTACT : . Digital WarRoom : . Megan Miller, VP Selling . Gallivan, Gallivan & O’Melia . Megan (at) digitalwarroom (dot) com . Carmel Valley eDiscovery Retreat . Chris LaCour, Founder & Executive Director . Clacour (at) carmelvalleyediscoveryretreat (dot) com.


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