Chums Life Care Successfully Completes Retirement Transition Workshop

02/25/2013 Posted by admin

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Friends Life Care recently finished its Retirement Transition Enrichment Workshop, one of a series of workshops that are a part of their VigR(TM) Programme that concentrates on staving off the effects of sequential aging. The Real Meaning in Retirement Transition workshop offered by Friends Life Care made a new attitude about retirement for visitors. The object of the course was to shift participants’ views from retirement as something that just happens to them, to a view of retirement as something that can be consciously engineered to be meaningful and energizing. Thru a series of punctiliously selected activities, the visitors explored new viewpoints, generated powerful revelations, and discovered the thrilling potential that awaits them in their retirement years. Participant maps out retirement vision plans as a part of  the Retirement Transitions Enrichment Workshop. The Genuine Meaning in Retirement Transition workshop was a month long and helped visitors assess five critical emotional sides of retirement.

The workshop also pushed attendees to discover their own private motivation for piloting their way through their retirement years. “One of the most powerful sides of the course on visitors was seeing evidence that there are many ways to view retirement. It is not an one-size-fits-all experience,” said Paul Hilt, coordinator of the workshop and retirement coach. . Hilt also offered one to one advice to interested attendees. This understanding frees guests to picture the possibilities.

It gives hope that retirement doesn't have to just be a winding down, but a valuable chance to expand one’s horizons. The workshop helped visitors find their retirement trail, so they spend more time on the trail rather than looking for it. Carol A. Barbour, President of Buddies Life Care, forecasted attending the event as an observer and ended up entering into the activities. Paul Hilt further mentioned, “The participants were amazed at the depth of implication [one attendee] got from the activity.” . Friends Life Care also presents other enrichment workshops distribution press releases such as Nutrition Tale Busters, Boost Your Resiliency, Exercise : A Prescription for Verve and Improving Sleep for Better Health. All of these workshops are a part of Friends Life Care’s exclusive VigR(TM) programme.

. About Mates Life Care : . Mates Life Care offers a unique, cheap alternative or supplement to long term care insurance and continuing care retirement communities. Designed to help people and couples remain at home and independent as they age, customisable membership plans from Chums Life Care help members protect their savings and prepare for the astonishing, while providing leading edge options to help in increasing their vitality and longevity. Unlike long-term-care insurance, the Chums Life Care team of highly credentialed Care Coordinators prepares and supervises all the services you want. Chums Life Care spares members and their loved ones the huge stress, cost and uncertainty of locating and handling reliable, qualified care on their own . The emphasis on prevention and attention to the whole person distinguishes Pals Life Care’s philosophy toward independent aging.

. Friends Life Care promotes holistic approaches to maintaining healthy, active living through its exclusive program, VigR(TM) (narrated power) -a pro-active research based offering created to help members bolster and extend their mental and physical health and resilience. For detailed info on the advantages of membership, informational conventions visit friendslifecare or on Facebook . Amy Josef . 215-628-8964 . Ajosef (at) friendslifecare (dot) org.


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