Claimable Gold Jewellery Shipping Insurance. KMG Gold Announces New Expensive Metal Shipping Insurance Plan

02/28/2013 Posted by admin

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KMG Environmental Incorporated. KMG Gold is the sole precious metal recycler or gold buyer to supply shipping insurance that's fully insured and claimable. Most major carriers offer shipping insurance, but none of their insurance is claimable for expensive metal, gems, or bullion. In fact, scrap gold, coins, jewelry, gems and so on. Are prohibited cargos with some carriers.

Most will take your dollars for insurance, but if your valuable metals are mislaid you can't lodge a claim. Michael Gupton, founder and president of KMG Gold Briefly you will lose your valuable metals and your insurance charge. KMG valuable metal shipping insurance cover rates are half that of the major carriers and are completely claimable. Watch our video on Real, Claimable Rare Metal Shipping Insurance here news release distribution KMG Gold recycles precious metals, including ; gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium as well as diamonds. Mike Gupton, KMG Gold’s president, announces “This is a great program for our customers who want to ship precious metals and feel safe knowing their cargos will be completely insured against loss.” . For full information on KMG, visit the site or call 1.877.468.2220. Media Contacts : Michael Gupton, President, KMG Environmental Incorporated, (204) 452.4653 . Press Kit : Attached.


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