Fiscal Writer Paul Fabra Delegated As Adviser To The Gold Standard Now

12/30/2012 Posted by admin

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Paul Fabra has been delegated as the Senior EU Counsellor to TheGoldStandardNow a project of The Lehrman Institute. Institute founder and chairman Lewis E. Lehrman announced : “Paul Fabra of Paris has been acknowledged everywhere as among the great financial writers and authors of post WWII commercial history. He is the author of several books, his best-known work devoted to translating the free market hypotheses and policies of David Ricardo (Capitalism versus Anti-capitalism : The Triumph of Ricardian over Marxist Political Economy). He currently writes for the distinguished French financial journal, Les Echos. TheGoldStandardNow is an internet site that supplies info about the classical gold standard.

The site provides key scribblings, historic information, breaking news, featured articles from the world media and frequently updated original content. . Paul Fabra is an economic expert and was the financial editor of Le Monde during the De Gaulle – Rueff restoration of the French franc. He was well respected by the whole De Gaulle executive, especially by Jacques Rueff. Fabra’s coverage of De Gaulle’s great speech of 1965 on the gold standard was reported across the planet. Upon accepting his appointment, Fabra recounted, “I am thrilled to be associated with one of the number one intellectual and policy companies dedicated to monetary reform and currencies convertibility to gold.” . Currently serving as consultants of TheGoldStandardNow distribution of press releases are Sean Fieler CEO of the North American Guidelines Project ; John D. Mueller, Director of Economics and Ethics program at the Ethics and State Policy Center ; writer and newshound James Grant ; Ralph J. Benko, writer of many articles on the gold standard, most lately at The Washington Examiner, our internet site the site and the website Brian Domitrovic, writer of Econoclasts : the Rebels Who Sparked the Supply-Side Revolution and Restored American Wealth and our web site columnist ; writer Jeffrey Bell, policy director of the American Elements Project ; researcher Christopher K. Potter, President of Northern Border Capital Management ; and conservative leader Frank Cannon, president of the American Elements Project.

. About The Lehrman Institute . The Lehrman Institute is dedicated to state policy, educational and historical research. It was founded in 1972 by Lewis E. Lehrman. The Lehrman Institute has financed a large range of analysis and discourse in the fields of economics, historical research, foreign policy, and urban policy. TheGoldStandardNow is a news and commentary aggregator targeted on domestic and international monetary policy issues.


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