Gold IRA Consultants Sees Record Demand For Physical Precious Metals In Retirement Accounts

03/30/2013 Posted by admin

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Gold IRA Consultants has seen a sudden surge in the demand for Gold IRAS press releases distribution and Precious Metals IRA accounts as the future industrial outlook grows more doubtful. According to former hedge fund trader Chris Dufffield, “As much as twenty percent of a retirement portfolio should be allotted into physical valuable metals to reduce portfolio volatility.” Duffield continues by saying, “Internationally famous custodians like JP Morgan, Fidelity, Schwab, and so on. Don't allow their clients to put physical assets in IRA accounts because such assets can't be traded for commissions. However, because of intense requirement for the physical asset, investors are starting to change to custodians who do allow for Valuable Metals IRA accounts.” . Statistics indicate that expansion financiers have been placing physical gold in expensive metals backed retirement accounts since 2002 because real assets like silver and gold have augmented portfolio profitability and reduced volatility.

Chris Duffield goes on to say that “With silver and gold continuing to reach new highs due to commercial uncertainty and the elevated chance of more Quantitative Easing, there still is ample opportunity for gains in this asset class.” . According to GoldforIRA a California based rare metals dealer, there's been a 22% increase in the volume of customers desiring to set-up a Gold IRA account since JP Morgan revised their 2011 Gold Outlook to $2400 in early August. Kristopher Schellhas, Part owner Gold IRA Experts claims “silver is also emerging as a very popular retirement account investment as it was once used as legal currency in the US. So why aren't more folks allotting physical precious metals to their retirement accounts? Chris Duffield wraps things up by saying “It appears as if most investors simply are not aware that they have the choice of placing physical valuable metals in their retirement accounts.

There are many custodians out there that offer Precious Metals IRA accounts, however the mass majority of IRA accounts are setup with custodians who don't offer this such a service.” . Goldforira is an a sector leading one stop shop for setting up and procuring metals for Silver IRA and Gold 401k accounts. For extra info simply call 1-855-343-4653, account members are standing by.


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