In Time For Graduation And Mother’s Day Gifting, American Estate Jewelry Inc. Debuts New Inheritance Sterling Silver Handcuffs Handcrafted In America

12/29/2012 Posted by admin

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American Estate Jewelry American Estate Jewelry publishes a renaissance of the North American inheritance convention. The new heirloom trend particularly resonates with present customers for this season’s truly major occasions — weddings, anniversaries, graduations and Mother’s Day– which focus on family, milestones and lasting love. Particularly, the heirloom quality sterling cuff theforevercuff is this Spring’s comeback kid, and its appeal goes beyond fashion as shoppers increasingly seek worth in their purchases. It’s all the better if the worth lasts thru generations. According to Carolyn O’Keefe, founder of American Estate Jewelry, a company which offers American handcrafted sterling jewellery inspired by the elegance of the early 1900s, “Regardless of seasonal trends, purchasers must always ‘think heirloom ‘ –not trends –when buying a jewelry gift. A lady should feel lasting love for the jewelry she wears and collects.” That's the reason why the organization's “Forever theforevercuff is ideal for important occasions.

Fashion insiders heralded “the heirloom look” as a key trend from Spring 2011’s Fashion Week. As well in jewelry, designers are taking cues from antique family treasures and from consumers who are pickier than ever about the long-lasting price of their purchases. Distinctive craftsmanship, classically pretty design, proportioned metal weight and American producing are hallmarks of the luxury silver jewellery shoppers need. Worth sensitivity has become even more acute than price sensitiveness. For crucial occasions, the excellence of American Estate’s handcrafted, American-made “forever cuff” is imperative. According to the World Council of Shopping Malls, luxury jewellery saw double-digit increases in Feb 2011 sales over Valentine sales of the year before and just about two times the sales bump of lower-end jewelry.

Kiplinger’s April 2011 Outlook confirms the continuation of the value attitude : “Shoppers will open their wallets wider typically for special occasions and be willing to invest a bit more money if the product is worth it.” Jim Rosenheim, owner of the elite Small Jewel Box in DC, concurs, “Customers are eschewing the ‘okay ‘ gift at lesser price and opting for the ‘special ‘ gift for a greater investment. That's why the American Estate cuffs are doing so well.” . Affection for heirlooms provoked O’Keefe to begin the company. She had seen her ma, Sally, wear her great grandma's sterling cuff each day for each occasion. As O’Keefe considered her 2 children and niece, she searched antique stores and the Net for beautiful turn-of-the-century sterling cuffs from America’s silver-making nadir.

Few important estate bracelets were available, and those she did find were disappointing — less weighty, well-fitted and durable than the modern lady requires. O’Keefe partnered up with respected repousse ‘ expert, Michael Galmer, based in N. Y, to create a new company called American Estate Jewellery.

Galmer created seven iconic “forever cuffs” theforevercuff in different floral motifs : Magnolia, Peony, Sunflower, Daisy, Double Sunflower, Cherry Blossom and, a favourite among horse riders, the deco-inspired “Girl Afield.” . In the works are more pieces galvanized by Sally’s jewel box : huge repousse ‘ button earrings, sumptuously embossed pendants, sublime choker necklaces, sterling cocktail rings and even sterling shoeclips. All American Estate Jewellery is designed by Galmer, hand-created by talented American craftspeople under Galmer’s direction in his U.S.A workshop and stamped with the Galmer hallmark.

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