Intuit Pays Out In Gold To Food Industry Developer

01/30/2013 Posted by admin

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VictualNet, the order entry, inventory and invoicing solution for food companies using QuickBooks, has been awarded Intuit’s Gold Developer Validation for achieving exemplary scores on an intensive client survey conducted by an independent third party. Paul is talking about the much coveted QuickBooks Gold Developer Validation that VictualNet earned for its order entry, inventory and invoicing software for food distributors and processors. “This is a huge milestone, it represents confirmation the Software as a Service money motivation model we provide for food entrepreneurs to boost their business profitableness is working and working well.” . Gold Level Validation can only ever be earned by solutions that have undergone a rigorous QuickBooks Technical Review, received high marks on an In depth Customer Satisfaction Survey, and completed an in depth Customer Actual Example. “Having our performance reviewed by independent 3rd parties provides important understanding of what our purchasers think about our service without allowing our personal biases to get in the way.” Paul commented, “We constantly look for feedback from our customers and publish it on our website, but this was a chance to hear what consumers feel about our service without us confronting them directly.

Often consumers won't say what they are really feeling to your face.” . Turns out their real feelings were positive ones. VictualNet scored high, earning an 8.6 overall rating on a grueling 10 point scale locking in the gold authentication.

VictualNet Earns QuickBooks Gold “We were blown away by the overwhelmingly positive responses.” reported Paul. “VictualNet represents such a massive step forward in technology that we predicted users would report more challenges, but our purchasers reported high Ease Of Use scores. Far more exciting was the ‘Customer Willingness to Recommend ‘ for that wedge of the survey ; VictualNet scored 9.3 out of 10. press release distributor That right there, that is gold.” . Integrated Management Solutions has been providing order entry, invoicing, and inventory management solutions for food distributors and processors for more than twenty years. Information on the VictualNet web-based software can be found at VictualNet.


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