Liqueurs De France Takes Master, Silver And Gold In Absinthe Gurus 2012

11/28/2012 Posted by admin

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Liqueurs de France is happy to announce that 3 of their absinthes have won awards in the Absinthe Gurus 2011 organized by the Spirits Business. Ambiguity blanche won the Master in the bleached category, a Gold was claimed by Anomaly verte and Nemesinthe scooped a Silver in the coloured class. They are made of a mixture of aromatic herbs and plants, including grande and petite wormwood, anise, fennel and hyssop, both employ a grape-base alcohol. Paradox verte is bottled at 72%, to hold its natural green color and present its smells to the fullest.

It louches fantastically, and is complex and intense. Bound to please those that are looking for a flavorsome, yet standard absinthe. It represents one of the very best quality / cost values in modern standard absinthes. Paradox Blanche is made of an original 19th century recipe with the same herbs as the verte but including veronica, camomile, genepi, coriander and angelica.

The alcoholic strength is 74% as historically specified, giving this absinthe real spine, but in no fashion overpowers the finesse and lingering scents of this complicated absinthe. This absinthe is frequently compared with, and surpasses in quality, many uncoloured Swiss la Bleues now made today. Nemesinthe absinthe is produced at the Timbermill distillery in London, UK. It was brought into existance by Liqueurs de France to supply a cocktail-friendly absinthe for every day drinking. It was recently awarded Silver gong, best in class at the 2010 Global Wine and spirit Competition. Ian Hutton, owner and director of Liqueurs de France recounted. “We are extremely happy to have received awards for our absinthes.

I think that it a just reward for our dedication to providing quality and value to our purchasers and it will help us to establish our brands internationally.” Enigma verte and Nemesinthe were lately launched in India and a deal has been signed to disburse Nemesinthe in a so far concealed middle-eastern country. Liqueurs de France is an importer and distributor of consultant liqueurs and spirits based in Esher, Surrey, UK.


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