North Americans Take Charge of Their IRA and 401K Retirement Funds Using Self Directed IRA LLC with Chequebook Control

11/27/2012 Posted by admin

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<!–ACNTPThere's an emergent and growing trend among smart and savvy individual retirement account owners, including conventional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP-IRA and 401k plan owners who are investing their pension funds in their own Self Directed IRA LLC release press release with Checkbook Control and then using that LLC to purchase real estate and other non-traditional IRA investments like mortgages and trust deeds, tax liens, personal partnerships, restricted liability corporations, Silver and Gold and more . The LLC Manager makes all the calls of where and when the IRA funds will be invested. There aren't any approvals necessary from a custodian. With unemployment at historic highs many individuals have given up looking for jobs and are starting their own enterprises. Using pension funds to finance the business allows the entrepreneurial minded individual to tap a dependable source of immediate funding that many folks don't know is available to them.ACNTPEND–>

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