Quality Gold Sued For Patent Misuse And Falsification

02/26/2013 Posted by admin

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An action of false patent marking has been filed against Quality Gold, based in Fairfield, Ohio. The claim, filed by King & Kelleher, LLP attorneys representing Trent West, an inventor and owner of 8 patents covering tungsten carbide jewelry finger rings and their turn out, states Quality Gold has allegedly deceived the public by falsely advertising that a patent “was granted” when there's no valid patent covering the things as represented by Quality Gold. “In reading the catalogs of Quality Gold, a retailer or consumer would be given to understand Quality Gold has been issued a patent, when truthfully Quality Gold doesn't have an issued patent,” states Edward King, the solicitor representing Trent West. 292, which was initially passed to protect patentees.

It is considered false marking to mark as patented an unpatented article if done with the intent to fool the public and, as such, is a fineable offense. In this claim Trent West represents himself, the United States, the legal licensees of his tungsten carbide patents and the public in this situation. West has, and will continue to, actively pursue infringers of patent numbers : 6,062,045, 6,553,667, 6,990,736, 6,928,734, 6,993,842, 7,032,314, 7,076,972, and 7,761,996. Legal action continues against others infringing on his patents. Representing nearly 20% of the men’s marriage band market, tungsten carbide has become one of the most well liked contemporary metals employed in wedding bands. As the toughest metal employed in the creation of rings, and second hardest material behind a diamond on the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness, tungsten carbide is also the most scratch-resistant metal on the jewellery ring market. There are 4 legally authorized sellers of tungsten carbide rings guarded by West’s 8 patents associated with the idea and produce of tungsten carbide rings in the US. They're Frederick Goldman, Inc, Baseline, Jewellery Discoveries and Fable.

For extra info on the 8 tungsten carbide patents owned by Trent West, contact Edward King at 1-415-781-2888.


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