Regal Assets in Makes INC Top 500 List…

08/22/2013 Posted by admin

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Hey, I’ll keep this short.

Most of you know that I am part-owner of a precious metals company called “Regal Assets”.

I’m so excited to announce that at Regal Assets we’ve made the INC 500 list for 2013, as the 20th fastest growing financial services company in and all the U.S.

Many years of hard work has paid off, and we are the only precious metals related firm to be included in the list. 🙂

Here we are one the big screen in Times Square!

I just wanted to thank you all from for your support, and especially our affiliates, who have earned well in excess of $1 million dollars.

In Fact, BTFers did over $2 million in sales for us last month alone!

There is a solid income producing opportunity for you and you can benefit from investing in precious metals for yourself. Find out more…

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