Retirement Savings and Gold IRAs in Oakland, Calif.

04/29/2013 Posted by admin

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Retirement Savings and Gold IRAs in Oakland, Calif.

Are You Prepared?

More than half of all Americans say they are not doing enough to prepare for retirement. When the financial crisis of 2008 wiped out retirement accounts across the country, people began to change the way they think about safe investing. Mutual funds, stocks and bonds may not be enough to diversify a portfolio in a world where such large systemic risks now loom.

Standard of Living Sustainability
Traditional Retirement Plans May Leave Investors Exposed

According to the Wall Street Journal, “The average person age 60-62 with a 401k account has less than one quarter of what is needed to maintain their standard of living.” Needless to say, most people simply cannot afford to lose much or all of their retirement in the event that there is a repeat of the recent financial crisis…or worse.

Gold IRAs in Oakland, Calif.
Decline of US Dollar Purchasing Power

They may say, “cash is king”, but over the long haul it also leaves investors exposed. The US dollar itself has lost over 80% of its purchasing power over the last 40 years, and that was without the destructive effect of massive money printing efforts by Federal Reserve. Most people now realize that simply leaving money in dollar denominated assets can be nearly as destructive as simply lighting it on fire. Even if you’ve saved enough to retire on now, what will you need if the value of the dollar continues to slide and each one you have buys you much less?

Retirement Savings and Gold IRAs in Oakland, Calif. vs. S&P 500
Physical Ownership

Whether you place bullion or proof coins in your Gold IRA, those metals actually belong to you. You don’t simply own a piece of paper or an interest in some nebulous gold fund; you own a stack of actual physical metals stored on your behalf at an internationally recognized depository. Their value does not depend on any company avoiding bankruptcy. You don’t need an expert broker to buy and sell them. When time comes to take distribution, you can choose to have your coins physically shipped to you. Sure you can diversify by purchasing gold ETFs or stocks with your IRA funds, but as any former client of Bernie Madoff, MF Global, PFG Best or Enron will tell you, there is no substitute for the real thing.

Diversification in Precious Metals
A Well Diversified Portfolio

Many experts recommend investing between 10-30% of your liquid net worth in precious metals. As with all investments, diversification is key and you should never put all your eggs in one basket. While we can educate you about the advantages of precious metals ownership, we do not give investment or tax advice, so please consult your tax professional and or financial advisor before making changes to your retirement plan and your Retirement Savings and Gold IRAs in Oakland, Calif.

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