Silver Surfers Alienated by Android and Intimidated by iPhone

11/26/2012 Posted by admin

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“The most common question I'm asked, and always by older folks, is which is the simplest telephone that does all of the dashing stuff without the fuss. “The requirement for an all round easy-to-use handset could one day even lead straight to a superphone, instead of merely a 'smart' one.” . Dennis Juul Poulsen, business director of Tweakker, the world's leading mobile web connectivity company, agrees the market for older users is largely untouched. “Older users are looking for features such as bigger screens and user-friendly keyboards,” declared Poulsen.

. “Briefly the ideal superphone of the future is a super-clever, feature-rich telephone that's straightforward to use.” . Over 55s are now the second-fastest growing net user group and 45-64 year olds are now the second largest group of mobile phone users*. Recounted Cappin : “There are companies like Emporia, Doro and Binatone promoting handsets directed at the aged but those are generally for the visually impaired, the hearing impaired or those who have tiny dexterity. “The aged are much braver when it comes down to technology these days. Don't forget some of the lead runners of PC and cell telephone technology are now 55 or over.

Cell telephones for the over 55s will be discussed at this year's 2011 Senior Market Mobile conference in London hosted by Jon Bentley from Channel 5's The Gadget Show. [*DOMAIN]DialToSave is recognised as one of the most sophisticated yet easy-to-use cellphone comparison sites on the net. It's one of the first sites to enable users to find the newest phones by searching features from QWERTY keyboards to film calling, WiFi to MP3 gadgets. . DialToSave is a reliable site that champions the interests of the buyer in the often confusing, continually expanding mobile phone market. *Stats taken from Mobile Market Trends UK : Usage and Money Forecasts to 2015 by mobileSQUARED, October 2010. Note to editors : . About DialToSave . With DialToSave consumers can now search for the latest handsets by their different features and then compare selected models side-by-side in easy to follow steps.

DialToSave was founded in 2003 by young entrepreneur Richard Cappin.


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