Testimonials of Satisfied Gold IRA Investors

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Gold IRA Investing Satisfies The Big Guys!

Gold IRA Investing

Gold IRA Investing

Gold IRA Investing

Client Testimonials

10/23/12 – Collin Plume at Regal Assets scored big time in my book. Regal Assets definitely stood out of the crowd, to be my solution provider for what to do with my old 401K’s. And I’m very glad I made that choice. I worked with Collin Plume from start to finish, & he was a master at helping me figure out exactly what I wanted, & why I wanted it. He had several lengthy conversations with me, to find out exactly what worked best for me. And now I’m a very proud owner of a gold & silver IRA, that will be excellent for my retirement in 20-30 yrs. I couldn’t be any happier with what he did for me, & I’m looking forward to getting his advice for future precious metal investments. Thanks Collin…
– Gene E.

10/23/12 – I agree with the positive reviews concerning my experience with Christian Howard and Regal Assets. From start to finish the experience was professional, simple, and whatever he said he would do, he did it well and in a very timely manner. In my case, I needed to roll over an existing IRA to one that could hold physical gold so I did my homework ahead of time looking for companies that came highly rated. I was not disappointed. I would recommend both Christian and Regal Assets and will continue to use them for any future transactions.
– Susan M.

10/22/12 – I was very cautious about investing in precious metals, but K.C. made the process and the decisions very easy. Her knowledge and professionalism made me feel very comfortable with my transacations, though I admit I was still holding my breath until I actually had possession of my metals. I now breathe easy knowing I made a sound investment. Every question I had, she answered and explained to me before completing any transactions. She followed up through the whole process with emails and phone calls, and even the shipping department kept in contact with me once my order went into their que. I feel I didn’t just gain a new business relationship, I also gained a friend. Thank you, K.C., for all your help and patience.
– Linda C.

10/23/12 – I recently transferred my rollover IRA account and opened an traditional IRA account with Regal Assets. Collin was simply outstanding and took care of everything and the process was an absolutely seamless transition. This is my first time investing in precious metals and Collin offered suggestions as to a mix between gold and silver and answered all of my questions leaving me with ZERO doubt. I highly recommend Collin Plume & Regal Assets to anyone interested in investing in precious metals.
– Rob G.

10/21/12 – Christian Howard is GREAT. My account Executive is Christian Howard. I spent a long time looking for a company to provide a precious metals IRA and it was Regal Assets that I finally contracted with and it was because of Christian. Anyone who has delt with these companies know the high pressure sales and bad advice provided by some of these salesmen. Christian was polite, helpfull and informatiive in my selection of precious metals for my IRA. He is also helpfull after the sale if you contact him he gets right back to you with any help you require. I highly recommend Regal and especially Christian Howard!!
– Greggory T.

10/18/12 – I can’t say enough good things about my Personal Account Executive Collin Plume. He was very helpful in explaining how to invest in coins and made the process easy to understand. I would recommend Collin to anyone who is looking for professional help and guidance.
– Sherri B.

10/11/12 – Terrific company all the staff have been extremely helpful and courteous. It has been a pleasure working with Christian Howard and I feel his expertise is outstanding. I feel comfortable with them handling my financial future. His recommendations are right on the mark.
– Brian N.

10/11/12 – I recently opened a traditional IRA (Gold/Silver) rolling over a portion of my 401(k). I’m still employed and I know rolling over a 401(k) from one account manager to another can meet with some hassles. Collin took care of everything and the process was seamless. This was my first time investing in precious metals and Collin offered suggestions as to a mix between gold and silver and answered all of my questions. This was a great experience and I highly recommend Regal Assets and Collin Plume to anyone interested in investing in precious metals.
– William T.

10/11/12 – After researching a number of organizations regarding the acquisition of Gold & Silver, we selected Regal Assets as an organization to do business with. We have found the people at Regal Assets to be very informative, responsive, and genuinely concerned about our financial position. From the CEO whom we have had conversations with, to KC Derian, requests have been answered by phone, email, and hard copy in a very timely manner. KC in particular worked to set up our account quickly and informed us of the progress throughout the transaction. There has been follow up to us regarding setting up of 401K accounts, outright purchase of precious metals, and general conditions of the metals market. We have indeed utilized and talked to several people within Regal Assets and would recommend them to others for consideration in acquiring Gold & Silver.
– Bill L.

10/10/12 – I have just recently been able to work with Mr. Christian. He is always very professional, polite and knowledgeable. I had many questions on transferring an 401k Acct to a gold IRA. Mt previous investment counselor had objected to the notion of converting to gold. Christian was very courteous and ready to answer all my questions. His patience is to be commended, he was more than ready to work at my speed and knowledge. I had for years sought help with my 401k only to be told they cold not advise me on anything. Christian was eager to answer all my questions. He is a true asset to your team. Thank you Pastor Phil Goins
– Phil G.

10/10/12 – My first time investing in precious metals was a smooth transition thanks to Colin Plume. He answered all my question, gave me sound advice for investing and was never trying to hard sell me in any one direction or another. Overall a great experience and I highly recommend Colin’s expertise to anyone investing in precious metals.
– Chris F.

10/8/12 – Regal Assets, LLC: A Great Company! My dealings with Regal Assets have been made most pleasant by dealing with Mr. Collin Plume. Collin has answered dozens of questions and assisted me in creating a Gold IRA by withdrawing funds from my government employee Thrift Savings Plan. I have been very concerned about losing value in my retirement plan. I did not realize until recently that at age 59 1/2, I could withdraw any amount from my plan and transfer it to a Gold IRA. Thank you, Collin for providing me with the answers that I needed to do this. I am very impressed that Regal Assets, LLC is rated AAA with the Better Business Bureau.
– Al F.

10/4/12 – My Personal Account Executive is Christian Howard…to describe him, he is polite, knowledgeable,understanding, and professional. He listened to what my interest and needs were and helped me to make the most appropriate choice of investment plan for me. He was not pushy which is a huge plus in my book of doing business! He responded to emails and phone calls quickly and was there to help me each step of the way…thank you Christian
– Darlene S.

9/29/12 – Exceptional service I have been thoroughly impressed with Collin Plume and the Regal Assets team. Transferring my IRA to Regal wasn’t the least bit stressful, especially since I have gotten numerous emails and calls from Collin throughout the process. They have lived up to the reputation that I gathered from the internet postings.
– Jim M.

9/29/12 – Collin is good as gold I can’t say enough about Regal Assets and especially Collin Plume. He has been a pleasure to work with throughout my IRA transfer. He answers calls immediately or calls right back, and emails regularly to keep you informed. I never felt out of the loop, and since this is my life savings, that was important to me. I had a bad experience with a prior precious metals company, but thanks to Collin and his team, I feel like I am in great hands. Thank you.
– Karen M.

9/28/12 – Regal Assets Precious Metals IRA. I choose to invest my money in Regal Assets because they have a solid reputation. Christian Howard provided invaluable assistance in setting up the accounts, and walking me through the process. I highly recommend them for precious metals IRAs.
– Don C.

9/26/12 – Christian Howard – Very helpful and professional I recently contacted Regal Assets to set up a precious metals IRA. My main contact was Christian Howard, who was very good to explain how things worked and what was involved to get things set up. Through the whole process Christian was very professional and helpful. I would recommend him highly.
– Jack L.

9/25/12 – I recently made the decision to get my retirement account out of the stock market and into physical metals. After a lot of research, I decided to go with Regal Assets. After setting up the account, I had a rather lengthy phone call with Colin Plume who finished setting up the account. Colin took his time, a lot of it, to answer any questions I had, and I never felt like he was rushing me off the phone. I highly recommend Regal Assets and I’m sure after speaking with him you will be very comfortable that you are making the right decision with your retirement money.
– Mike D.

9/24/12 – Collin Plume is the best choice to handle your precious metals transaction. While researching Gold/Silver-Backed IRAs, I was first impressed with so many positive reviews about Collin Plume at Regal Assets. As I continued my research, I read a post by Collin in response to a client’s concern. Collin’s response was professional, easy for a novice to understand and he provided his contact information in case the person still had concerns or questions. I decided to contact him and leave a message for him to call me. Not only did Collin call, but he also emailed me that he had attempted to call me and would answer any questions I might have about a roll-over. When we talked, Collin never tried to persuade me one way or the other; but, he educated on the various options available and suggested I discuss them with my husband. Collin spoke truthfully, while another organization I conversed with did not speak with truth. I am so pleased that Collin is handling my IRA and trust that he will provide me with information to make the most effective choices for my IRA.
– Ellen Z.

9/24/12 – I had listened to all the sales pitches before finally giving Regal Assets a call and boy am I glad I did. When I called Regal Assets, Christian and his staff were extremely helpful. They explained the process and what to expect before I even committed to buy. When I made the move to invest, Christian was there every step of the way to insure it was a seamless transaction. The entire organization treated me like their most important customer. I will recommend Regal Assets to all my friends.  Source check.

Thanks Christian, your the Best!!!!
– Stephen M.


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