Unique LipDub Launched By Retirement Community And University

02/27/2013 Posted by admin

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What may be the state's first LipDub performed solely by residents of a retirement community was produced in Grand Rapids thru the joint efforts of Clark Retirement Community and Grand Valley State School. Michael Buble’s cover of “Feelin’ Good” sets the pace and a contagious mood across the four-minute production. With more than a dozen unique scenes, there are funny surprises as residents reenact the glamorous days of yesterday and giggle at stereotypical views of aging.

. MEDIA NOTICE : The Clark LipDub premiere screening for residents and film crew is lined up for Monday, July 11 at 3 p.m, at Clark Retirement Community, 2nd Floor Chapel, 1551 Franklin St. Media are invited to attend. Following the non-public screening, the Clark LipDub will be posted on YouTube for everyone to view. “I loved the GVSU LipDub and thought, why can’t we do that?” said Jane Brierley, director of Promoting and Admissions at Clark.

“The residents and students had a fabulous time collaborating. From practices to sharing meals, it was an extraordinary experience for everyone.” . Brierley plugged into the skills of faculty, scholars and alumni at the university by connecting with Kim Roberts, associate professor of film and video in the School of Communications. “Jane asked me to assemble a crew and guide the logistics,” claimed Roberts, who produced the student-directed GVSU LipDub, which broke the Top 100 in YouTube’s “Entertainment” class straight after it was posted online last fall. “I believe what most shocked everybody was the way in which the young crew and Clark residents bonded with one another.

Our director, Alan Ledford, who graduated from Grand Valley in April, became so attached to the residents that he went back the day following the shoot to have coffee with them.” . As the credits roll, the video sneaks in a last humorous scene with Clark Executive Director Bob Pearl discovering Grand Valley’s Tom and Marcia Haas smooching – a reprise of their role in the GVSU LipDub. Tom Haas also appeared in the Town of Grand Rapids LipDub this summer, that may place him as the only local LipDub treble threat performer. Marcia Haas is a member of the Clark Board of Directors. To get more information, contact Jane Brierley, Clark Retirement Community at (616) 452-1568 ext 102. For photographs contact GVSU News and Information Services at (616) 331-2221.


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